Online Talk with Peter Russell: Glasgow's Role in Slave Trade

Online Talk with Peter Russell: Glasgow's Role in Slave Trade Meeting-ID: 618 0800 1170 Kenncode: 27102022

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Based on the history of one of Glasgows oldest quaters, Merchant City, Peter Russell and our very special guest Kate Phillips will tell us about the historic connections between Glasgows and the Atlantic slave trade.

Kate Phillips is a sociology graduate of the University of Glasgow. She became an international social development specialist working in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, where she developed a range of partnerships for social change with community groups, members of trade unions, parliaments and political parties. This year her book "Bought and Sold, Scotland, Jamaica and Slavery" was published. It traces the closely entwined story of Scotland and Jamaica from its early beginnings in the 1700s to the abolition of slavery in the British Empire and reflects on the meaning of those years for both nations today.

 Join us in learning more about Glasgow's fascinating history and its recent path of acknowledgement and historical reappraisal. With Glasgow experts and history enthusiasts like Peter Russell and Kate Phillips it promises to be an interesting evening!

 The Talk will consist of a "lecture"-part and an open round of questions and discussion* afterwards. It will last about 1,5 hours.

*We appreciate an open-discussion-culture and ask of everyone to communicate and behave respectfully towards others.

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